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Climate Wise Communities Workshops

Ku-ring-gai Council encourages residents to work together to build a more resilient community.

To help you understand the risks in your local area, and how to prepare for extreme weather, Council and local emergency service agencies hold free Climate Wise Communities workshops for residents.

Workshops cover:

  • Identifying risks specific to your home and area
  • Assessing vulnerability – personal and property
  • Understanding how to prepare yourself, your family and your home for extreme weather events
  • The strengths and weaknesses of homes and properties for extreme weather events
  • Building neighbourhood and community awareness
  • Awareness of hazards and the development of contingency plans
  • Aspects to be included in an emergency plan
  • Priority actions to strengthen resilience to extreme weather events

“The workshop activities are engaging and thought provoking, especially on a local level. They certainly enhance participant engagement more than usual lecture or presentation style information sessions”.

Local workshop participant.

Workshops are attended by the local Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service, and Police, as well as other agencies as required, to provide professional advice and assistance to residents.

Residents living in all suburbs of Ku-ring-gai such as St Ives, Gordon, Wahroonga, Turramurra, Lindfield, and Roseville can request a workshop.


Bushfire Preparedness

When: 7 November, 6-8pm
Where: Ku-ring-gai Council Chambers, Gordon

What it covers:

Join local experts as they identify the key areas to prepare you, your home and neighbourhood for a bushfire, flood or storm. Are you on a limited budget and want to know the most important things to do? Or how to build for a bushfire zone? Learn how to get the most out of our Ready Check Tool and tailor a report to your specific home.

Request a workshop for your local area

Build your own extreme weather plan in a free 2 hour workshop, or discuss extreme weather resilience with local emergency services representatives.

Ready Check

Are you, your home and neighbourhood in the best shape to face extreme weather events? Take our Ready Check today

Ask a local expert

Get locally relevant answers from emergency managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check our FAQ section to find local solutions, tips and ideas for being prepared in your area.

Become a community leader

Encourage those around you to be more prepared and increase their resilience.

Fast Fact...

Ember attack is the cause of 85% of homes lost in bush fires.

Climate wise communities

Climate Wise Communities is an award-winning initiative from Ku-ring-gai Council that builds local community strength and preparedness to extreme weather events. It promotes shared responsibility for disaster resilience to individuals, households and communities, as well as emergency management agencies and government.

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