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Climate Wise Communities Workshops

Ku-ring-gai Council encourages residents to work together to build a more resilient community.

Join us as we show you how to prepare your home and family for the bushfire season ahead. It might save your life, your family (including pets) or your home. We will join experts from the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and other emergency services as we answer key questions including: What are the hazards in your particular area? What will you do in a bushfire emergency?

We will also introduce our new 3D interactive, simulation platform, the Simtable™, looking at how bushfires may behave within Ku-ring-gai. These are workshops you cannot afford to miss this summer.

At the end of the workshop you will:

  • See how fast bushfires can move in your area
  • Know your bushfire risk and exposure to other hazards
  • Understand how to prepare your family and home
  • Develop the right information for your emergency plan
  • Be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your home and property to extreme weather events

Feedback from workshop participants.

“I found the presentation to be well planned and most informative. It gave me an insight as to where further data on Bush Fire Protection information can be found…… The entire 90 minute presentation showed the need for us all to prepare ourselves for the coming summer period.”

“Highly recommended. Fantastic modelling of how a bushfire progresses and lovely to meet some of the people who look after our area when a bushfire threatens”

“The new simulation technology was excellent.”

“We found this an excellent / informative evening – the RFS volunteer who reviewed our plan with us was very helpful in assisting us consider specific needs for our house / land such as pump for the pool / stickers to apply to the property perimeter to alert the Fire Service to the fact there was a SWS [static water supply] etc…”


Workshops are attended by the local Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service, and Police, as well as other agencies as required, to provide professional advice and assistance to residents.

Residents living in all suburbs of Ku-ring-gai such as St Ives, Gordon, Wahroonga, Turramurra, Lindfield, and Roseville can request a workshop.

These workshops are essential for almost everyone living in Ku-ring-gai, even if you do not live next to the bush. 85% of homes burn down due to ember attack.

Simtable workshop

Bushfire simulation and Climate Wise Communities webinar

Dates tbc for upcoming events.

Please request a workshop at the top of this page.
Link to previous year’s webinar: here



Areas within Ku-ring-gai have large areas of bushland extending into the urban area that have limited ways in/out. This makes people living in these areas more vulnerable to bushfires. We want to provide residents with information on how to keep their families safe and make their homes more resilient. So we have developed a workshop specifically for residents in these areas.

This webinar will utilise our award-winning Climate Wise Communities framework and will be attended by the RFS and Fire & Rescue. It will feature a simulated bushfire and the tools you can use to be prepared this summer.


Storm image

Rain, hail and blackouts

Dates tbc for upcoming events.

Please request a workshop at the top of this page.


Rain, hail and blackouts – Ku-ring-gai residents get more than a fair share of destructive storms.

If a storm caused a week-long blackout or if hail destroyed your roof how would you fare? How much disruption can you manage?

Attend this Climate Wise Communities webinar to find out how you can prepare for disastrous storms guided by our online Ready Check tool and Live 3D extreme weather simulator the Simtable.

Request a workshop for your local area

Build your own extreme weather plan in a free 2 hour workshop, or discuss extreme weather resilience with local emergency services representatives.

Fast Fact...

Ember attack is the cause of 85% of homes lost in bush fires.

Climate wise communities

Climate Wise Communities is an award-winning initiative developed by Ku-ring-gai Council in consultation with emergency management agencies and government. It builds local community strength and preparedness to extreme weather events and promotes shared responsibility for disaster resilience to individuals, households and communities.

Climate Wise Communities. © Ku-ring-gai Council 2023 

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